Our analysis competence helps us to develop practical solutions for growth, efficiency and turnaround projects:


Market / Business Intelligence


Key Intelligent Issues [Samples]


  • Market structure & market potential
  • Market entry barriers
  • Investigaton of critical success factors
  • Market driver & trends
  • Analysis of current product and customer portfolio
  • Reqiurements for market success
  • Sales optimization



Strategic Competitor Analysis/Competitive Intelligence


Key Intelligent Issues [Samples]


  • Who are the current/future competitors?
  • Analysis why some competitors are more successful than others?
  • Future competitor strategy
  • Organization and headcount of competitors
  • SWOT Analysis


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  • Benchmarking as an important lever for identifying optimization potential is more relevant than ever – OEMs & Suppliers are strengthening their activities with respect to "Cost optimization in comparison to their competitors". You can find more of our expertise on that topic here.
  • ANP has successfully completed a market potential analysis for a medium-sized supplier company - the result of that work forms the basis for the strategic development of the inspected business unit: Sale, vertical/horizontal integration and optimization of the current business model.