Cooperation with our partners and pool of experts enables project-specific staffing in accordance with the given regional task. Over the past 14 years, ANP has been able to acquire well-known companies as partners in various regions of the world whose expertise means that we can offer consultancy tailored to suit the specific needs of our clients.
The essential benefits for our clients are obvious:

  • ANP constitutes the sole interface to the client in multinational projects and is responsible for the project management
  • Standardized results for the same tasks in all regions and countries worldwide.
  • Use of local knowledge – Think global, act local!
  • Quality: The right expertise for the given project task!
  • Utmost flexibility thanks to lean structures


Strategic Partner 


, Mettmann, Deutschland


Cost and Value Analysis
Cost Engineering Software [Innovation Award IT 2015]



Global automotive data and analysis platform
Ø Professional experience of each analyst > 20 years



  • Consulting companies, freelance and industry experts
  • Intelligence experts & market research professionals
  • Automotive chairs and research institutes
  • The operative knowledge of the global teams in conjunction with their high level of analytical and methodical competence enables us to gather critical information and, based on this, to develop a well-founded and transparent basis for decisionmaking.


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Our Online service:


  • Benchmarking as an important lever for identifying optimization potential is more relevant than ever – OEMs & Suppliers are strengthening their activities with respect to "Cost optimization in comparison to their competitors". You can find more of our expertise on that topic here.
  • ANP has successfully completed a market potential analysis for a medium-sized supplier company - the result of that work forms the basis for the strategic development of the inspected business unit: Sale, vertical/horizontal integration and optimization of the current business model.