Our teams

We always align our international and multicultural teams according to the project tasks and industry sectors of our clients!

We guarantee high quality support for our customers from project initiation through to successful completion and are available for every project with a firmly defined team.

Team qualifications

The average professional experience of our analysts, experts and consultants is 24 years.

We do not hire employees immediately after graduation, but prefer to work with people who have practical experience in production, business or science.

Our experts are not the “consultants” who only know the automotive industry, chemical industry or healthcare / pharmaceuticals based on theories from university, but experienced managers who know the industries and markets in which we work very well.

Since 2006 we have been working in a network of more than 360 freelancers worldwide. These freelance experts, consultants and analysts actively participate in market research, analysis and consulting projects. They expand the specialist knowledge and skills of our teams and bring in deep know-how in many specific areas.

Qualifications that are required for our projects:

Strategic partner

Over the past 17 years, ANP has been able to attract renowned companies as partners in various regions of the world, with whose know-how we can offer a consulting service tailored to the specific needs of our customers.