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Our teams

At ANP, we ensure that our international and multicultural teams are aligned with the project tasks and industry sectors of our clients.

We guarantee high-quality support for our customers from project initiation through to successful completion, and are available for every project with a firmly defined team.

Diplom Ökonom Peter Nagel, Managing Partner and Founder

ANP Expert Board

Our expert panel has many years of proven experience in science and business and makes a significant contribution to the sustainable implementation of the company’s goals.

All members have in-depth knowledge and expertise, proven leadership skills, strategic know-how and established networks.

They support ANP in business development and are important contacts for corporate decisions.

Dr. Carsten Röh

Thomas Czaja

Lars Janzon

Steven Madge

Team Qualifications

The average professional experience of our analysts, experts and consultants is 24 years.

We prefer to work with consultants and analysts who have gained practical experience in consulting and/or in different industries. In cooperation with our partners, we build the optimal team for your specific requirements.

Qualifications required for our projects:

Strategic partner

Throughout the years, ANP has been successful in attracting well-known companies as partners in various regions of the world.

This enables us to offer a consulting service customized to the specific needs of our clients, by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of our partners.