Competitive Intelligence Services

“ANP Competitive Intelligence proactively increases your competitiveness.

By creating 360-degree profiles of your competitors, you gain deep, comprehensive insights and are thus one step ahead of your rivals.

Our consultants will consider your company-specific requirements in the international competitive environment. Trust our methodology, competence and experience.

COMPETITOR PROFILING as well as COMPETITOR and CUSTOMER MONITORING services [Management, Organisation, Ownership, Financials, Strategy & Outlook, Acquisitions, JV, Partnerships, Locations, Products & Services, Technologies, Customers, Awards, News] are designed to meet the needs of our clients down to the smallest detail [periodicity, layout, users].

Highest flexibility and uniqueness characterise our approach to COMPETITOR, CUSTOMER and MARKET monitoring. Keep an overview of the market and competitive environment and leave nothing to chance. Discover why leading companies trust us in our brochure ‘30 good reasons for monitoring’ [PDF].

Company profiles

We can provide the following information for any company (suppliers, competitors, customers):

Above criteria will be aligned in cooperation with our customers and can be modified.