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Our Industry Expertise

We bring a diverse range of proficiency to various industries. Our broad range of practices allows us to provide a unique and valuable perspective to our project work.

In order to deliver customized and accurate analysis that meets the high standards of our ambitious clients, a deep understanding of the unique characteristics and complexities of an industry is essential. Our experts with specialized knowledge and experience in a particular field are able to provide such tailored solutions.

The Automotive & Mobility, the Chemical Industry, Consulting & Market Research, Mechanical and Plant Engineering, Healthcare and Mecial Devices, Pharmaceuticals as well as Private Equity & Investors are in the focus of our daily business.

Automotive and Mobility

ANP covers all important segments of the automotive industry. High cost pressure, disruption, digitization and growing competition between alternative drives are just a few of the market trends that are confronting suppliers and automobile manufacturers with new challenges.

ANP experts support the domestic and global automotive industry (Upstream, Core, Downstream) with in-depth research and profound Market-/Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking analysis.




Industry, Retail & Services

ANP has an extensive experience in working with companies from different sectors such as industry, retail and services,

We provide insights, clarity and extensive industry knowledge and deliver plausible, conclusive analysis that have a lasting effect. By focusing our efforts on specific sectors, we deepen our expertise on how to create successful solutions to meet the specific challenges.

Our skills enables us to get started right away and focus on solving the
“Key Intelligence Questions (KIQs)” of our customers.

ANP provides services within the following sectors: