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Expertise that inspires: We deliver outstanding insights that make the difference.

Market changes are often unexpected and difficult to predict, as demonstrated by the events of the Russia/Ukraine war, the Covid 19 pandemic, semiconductor shortages, supply chain bottlenecks and the emergence of disruptive technologies and innovations in the automotive industry.

If you are able to identify changes in customer preferences and competitive strategies early on, you are demonstrably in a much better position to capture market share and thus increase profitability, rather than following market trends.

ANP specialises in conducting professional and in-depth research and analysis of markets, products, suppliers, competitors and customers. We combine commercial and technical know-how and offer our clients the entire portfolio of strategic marketing.

Since 2004, ANP has been setting standards in consulting for market/competitive intelligence and benchmarking. Trust our proven expertise and benefit from our experience with Global Player, SMEs, consultancies and organisations.

“ANP B2B Market Research” provides fact-based, relevant global data and information with primary and secondary market research, which very often serve as a basis for further analysis.

“ANP Market Intelligence” identifies growth opportunities and helps you to secure future investments and decisions with transparent analysis of the market environment.

“ANP Competitive Intelligence” actively and proactively increases your competitiveness. We create company profiles in over 90 regions and 20 industries.

“ANP Benchmarking” analyses competitors and Best-in-class companies in terms of performance, functionality and cost.

“ANP M&A Due Diligence” supports you in the search, profiling and evaluation of suitable targets through to the first contact and company evaluation.

“ANP Strategy & Foresight” provides pragmatic, implementable strategy scenarios and gives you a quantitative and qualitative outlook with regard to markets, countries and technologies.