• Polycarbonate and its blends for medical and healthcare devices (global market research)
  • Global market for Polycarbonate used in data storage 
  • Polycarbonate and its blends for civilian aerospace applications (global market research)
  • Polycarbonate for spectacle lenses and frames in APAC
  • Marine coatings in North America and Europe
  • Competitors' manufacturing costs for synthetic latex polymers
  • Assessment for radiation cure technology in coatings
  • Assessment of the paint and coatings industry in India
  • Competitor analysis of suppliers of architectural coatings binders and additives in APAC
  • Assessment of costs of select refinish coatings manufacturing plants in the USA
  • Powder coating market in CEE
  • Coil coating sites benchmarking in Europe 
  • Assessment for coating resins market in Europe
  • Pipe coatings pricing and margins 
  • Coatings distribution organization in Europe with selected rivals
  • Carbon steel market in Western Europe
  • German market for steel wire used in car frames  
  • Stainless pipe fitting market in Vietnam
  • Stainless steel market in Nordic
  • Steel for bearing ball market in the USA
  • Polymer-coated steel sheets for automotive industry in EU


Projects in PU foam:


  • Totally 27 projects in past 3 years, therefrom:
    Global market: 11, Europe: 5, APAC: 7, Americas: 4


Projects in machinery for polymer industry:


  • Totally 17 projects in past 3 years, therefrom 
    Global market: 4, Europe: 6, APAC: 5, Americas: 2


  • Global market analysis of titanium alloys for aircraft wings
  • Global market analysis of composites for aircraft wings
  • Global market analysis of additive manufacturing 
  • Global market analysis of large aircraft tires
  • 10 competitive intelligence projects in aircraft components



  • Key figures investigation for recycling and sustainability of waste management
  • Joint Venture Analyses TOP-5 Gas Suppliers in Germany & Russia
  • Corporate power plants in Germany
  • Wind energy market in Nordics & Latin America
  • Utility market in Poland, UK, Laos, Angola
  • New pipeline projects in Eurasia 2019-2025
  • LNG infrastructure projects in EU & SEA



  • Competitor analysis credit card services and conditions
  • Expert Interviews:  Process Analyses “Opening of a bank account"
  • Mystery Shopping and Check of branches
  • Expert interviews and desk research: Promoting art and culture



  • Market potential analysis for suspended ceiling systems in Germany
  • Market Research building frames made of aluminum



  • Market due diligence cosmetics manufacturer in Germany
  • Market analysis cosmetics market in Japan



  • Competitor Analysis: Organization Sales/PR & advertising activities for medical drug against Akromegalie
  • Market Analysis for medical air generators



  • Market Due Diligence Logistics Service Provider for promotional articles
  • Business evaluation Logistics Service Provider
  • Activity Based Costing for various volume parts (internal / external)



  • Expert interviews "Attractiveness of Brazil as touristic destination"
  • Potential applications of machine vision technology for ski wax manufacturers




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