Selected projects

  • 40 projects in company research 
    (EV OEMs, battery suppliers, Tier suppliers for EV/hybrids, suppliers of EVSE)
  • Analysis EV market in Western Europe
  • Analysis EV market in Japan, Brazil, GCC area
  • Analysis Hybrid vehicle market in Russia, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan
  • Analysis CCS networks in North America, Japan and China
  • Analysis Market for home EVSE in the US




Selected projects

  • OEM - Cost research of 25 consumerables in 60 countries and 20 Hot Spots
  • OEM Global Purchasing Organization (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3)
  • OEM R&D Location Profiles, Supplier, Engineering
  • OEM: Working Hours, Compensation, Spare time regulations
  • Supplier: Identification and profiles of local competitors in Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary



Selected projects


  • Market Potential Analysis Aluminium Gravity Die Casting EU & NAFTA
  • Market Potential Analysis Lithium Ion Batteries "Forklift & Forklift Trucks", US
  • Market Potential Analysis Gas Vehicles, Russia
  • Market Potential Analysis Wire Mesh, Europe, US, Asia
  • Market Potential Analysis Resonators, Europe, US, Asia
  • Market Potential Analysis Global Tank Market Automotive & Motorcycles
  • Marktpotenzialanalyse Technical Plastics and Metal Parts 
  • Market Potential Analysis Smart Interior / Exterior Lighting 
  • Market Analysis Used Parts in Germany
  • Market Analysis Remanufacturing in Germany
  • Market Analysis Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics, Europe
  • Market Analysis SUV Market, EU, US
  • Market Analysis Color & Design Popularity
  • Market Analysis Tire Distribution, Austria


Selected projects


  • Low Cost Car Investigation, China
  • Feature Check Premium Vehicles, 
  • Competitor analysis engineering service provider, Turkey and China
  • Expert interviews Tire Technology, Cologne
  • OEM investigation: Processes  Total Vehicle-/Pre-/Concept Development , RFI Process, Sourcing Strategy



Selected projects

  • Strategy Development Polycarbonates Applications, Global Raw Material Supplier, China
  • Strategy, Marketing- and Sales concept for a Laser Welding Service Center  
  • Strategy Development Resonators, Automotive Supplier
  • Strategy Development Wire Meshes, Automotive Supplier
  • Market Due Diligence Supplier Injection Moulding
  • Market Due Diligence Logistics Service Provider
  • M&A Competitor Monitoring (1 year), Supplier Mega Merger Germany



Selected projects


  • OEM Benchmarking Perceived Quality Process & Organization
  • OEM Benchmarking Platform Strategy, Risk Management, Recall, Technology/Parts
  • OEM Benchmarking Composite Strategy & Organization
  • OEM Benchmarking Interior Analysis Concept Cars, Paris Motor Show
  • OEM Benchmarking Future Research and Trend Transfer
  • OEM Benchmarking R&D Administration & Test Center



  • Analysis of carry over parts for five vehicles with same platform but different brands
  • Product Cost Calculation Seat Pan, Door Module Carrier, Brake Pedal
  • Cockpit Development: Reduction of tooling costs by 30% and product costs by 12%
         Materials/process optimization by Target Costing: Product cost optimization Seat Frames 
         Reduction of material, production and tolling costs

  • Parts price analysis of 20 structural parts as basis for possible substitution by composite materials




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  • Benchmarking as an important lever for identifying optimization potential is more relevant than ever – OEMs & Suppliers are strengthening their activities with respect to "Cost optimization in comparison to their competitors". You can find more of our expertise on that topic here.
  • ANP has completed a market potential analysis for a medium-sized supplier company - the result of that work forms the basis for the strategic development of the inspected business unit: Sale, vertical/horizontal integration and optimization of the current business model.