By doing competitor profiles as well as monitoring services of competitors, customers and suppliers we are able to provide the following information:



  • In-depth Competitor Profiles
  • Trade Fair Intelligence
  • Benchmarking
  • Porter 5-Forces Analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis


Typical topics of competitor profiles:


  • Shareholding & Management
  • Key financials per last 3-5 years / Organizational structure
  • Sale (distribution) and servicing organization
  • Territorial structure, branches/offices
  • Production facilities (capacities, equipment, energy/utilities supply)
  • Products/services
  • Domestic & export markets
  • Marketing and promotional activities
  • Sale strategies (rebates, marketing support, sales support)
  • Plans for the next 5-7 years
  • Modernization programs
  • Key customers
  • Pricing policy
  • Key decision maker(s)
  • SWOT analysis
  • Company’s reputation
  • Market entry and penetration strategies


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  • Customers about us:

    "ANP research and analysis are always on point. ANP provides reliable statements and the right information. ANP's global network accelerates and simplifies market research work sustainably. The communication and documentation are also exemplary. I highly recommend ANP!" 

    Ernst Platten, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Puritech GmbH
  • Benchmarking as an important lever for identifying optimization potential is more relevant than ever – OEMs & Suppliers are strengthening their activities with respect to "Cost optimization in comparison to their competitors". You can find more of our expertise on that topic here.
  • ANP has completed a market potential analysis for a medium-sized supplier company - the result of that work forms the basis for the strategic development of the inspected business unit: Sale, vertical/horizontal integration and optimization of the current business model.